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Titel: Think this over...
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A ship engine failed, NO ONE could fix it.
Then they brought in a man with 40 yrs. on the job.
He inspected the engine carefully.
Then reached into his bag & pulled out a small hammer.
He gently tapped a spot.
Immediately, the engine rocked into life. It was fixed!
7 Days later, the owners got his bill for $10,000.
'What?!' the owners exclaimed.
'He scarcely did anything.'
They asked for an itemized bill.
His response:
"Tapping with a hammer = $2
Knowing where to tap = $9,998"
Lesson: Don't Ever Underestimate Experience!
Titel: Re: Think this over...
Bericht door: IJSBLOK op 11 februari 2019, 00:00:58
An Airbus 380 is on its way across the Atlantic. It flies consistently at 800 km/h in 30,000 feet when suddenly a Eurofighter appears. The pilot of the fighter jet slows down, flies alongside the Airbus & greets the pilot of the passenger plane by radio: "Airbus flight, a boring flight isn't it? Take care and have a look here!" He rolls his jet on its back, accelerates, breaks through the sound barrier, rises rapidly to height, only to swoop down almost to sea level. He loops back next to the Airbus and asks, "Well, how was that?" The Airbus pilot answers: "Very impressive, but now have a look here!" The jet pilot watches the Airbus, but nothing happens. It continues to fly stubbornly straight, at the same speed. After 5 minutes, the Airbus pilot radioed, "Well, what are you saying now?" The jet pilot asks confused: "What did you do?" The other laughs and says, "I got up, stretched my legs, went to the back of the flight to the bathroom, got a cup of coffee & a cinnamon cake and made an appointment with the stewardess for the next three nights in a 5 Star hotel, which is paid for by my employer. When you are young, speed and adrenaline seem to be great. But as you get older and wiser, comfort and peace are not to be despised either. This is called SOS.: Slower, Older, Smarter.
Titel: Re: Think this over...
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Titel: Re: Think this over...
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